Credit hire vehicles may seem convenient when your own car is being repaired after an accident. The hire car company liaises with the at-fault party’s insurance provider, passing the hire charges onto them.

Unfortunately, the at fault-insurer may refuse liability, leaving you to foot the bill.

We believe that you shouldn’t have to pay if you weren’t at fault. That’s why we provide a high-quality, specialist service for non-fault claims. Working on a no win, no fee basis, we settle claims as quickly as possible with the aim of getting the best deal for you.

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    If you were involved in a road accident that wasn’t your fault, a Credit Hire Organisation (CHO) may provide you with a temporary replacement vehicle. The CHO funds this hire car while your vehicle is being repaired. They then attempt to claim the hire charge back from the at-fault party’s insurance provider.

    This is when an accident management service provides you with a high-quality replacement vehicle following a road accident. They will also take care of any repairs for you.

    A courtesy car is a temporary replacement vehicle provided to you by your garage or insurer during the repair of your own car. A credit hire car is a vehicle provided by a CHO after an accident that wasn’t your fault. The hire charges are then passed onto the at fault party’s insurer. A credit hire car should be more suited to your needs while your own vehicle is out of action, where a courtesy car is usually a smaller vehicle which may not.

    Ordinarily, a credit hire car should be returned to the CHO the same day the driver’s own car is handed back fully repaired. Alternatively, it should be returned within 7 days of receiving a cheque from insurers for the pre-accident value (PAV) of their vehicle.